In our "Planning for Life" podcasts we share strategies & ideas for overcoming challenges in your personal and financial life.

Inevitably “Life Happens” and that is why we want to educate and provide you the insight and awareness to know how to creatively plan, now and in the future, so you're always striving to live the life that you desire.

Please find a list of our "Planning for Life" Podcasts below, your source for creative financial strategies. Please check back regularly for new episodes!!!


Episode 1        Introduction to Carl Coolidge

Episode 2        Introduction to Russell Jacobs III

Episode 3        How To Be Secure At The End Of The Rainbow - Your Retirement

Episode 4        What is the RICH® Planning Experience?

Episode 5        The SECURE Retirement Plan Process®: Part 1

Episode 6        The RICH® Planning Experience in Depth

Episode 7        The SECURE Retirement Plan Process®: Part 2

Episode 8        How to Understand Life Insurance as a Part of Risk Management

Episode 9        Here’s a Refreshing Approach to Budgeting

Episode 10      How to Succeed Financially as a Physician

Episode 11      Generation X, Don’t Forget to Prioritize Yourself

Episode 12      10 Questions You Should Ask Any Financial Advisor

Episode 13      What You Need to Know About Your 401(k) — With Guest, Jim Jacobs

Episode 14      8 Topics a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner Knows Inside Out

Episode 15      Why Your Business Needs to Analyze Its 401(k) Planning

Episode 16      Risk Management and Insurance Planning: The Basics

Episode 17      The Benefits and Drawbacks of Investing in Real Estate

Episode 18      How to Prepare for a Divorce

Episode 19      Knowing Your Score

Episode 20      Breaking Down the Basics of 401(k)s

Episode 21      10 Common Mistakes in Financial Planning

Episode 22      The Single Greatest Challenge We All Face in Finance (and in Life)

Episode 23      Get to Know Entrepreneur Kevin Coyle

Episode 24      Making Your Retirement the Best It Can Be

Episode 25      Meet Attorney Jason Tate

Episode 26      Preparing Your Family to Be Responsible Stewards

Episode 27      How to Use a 401(k) Offered Through Your Employer

Episode 28      How to Reach for Better

Episode 29      10 Things You Need to Know Before Moving Your Business

Episode 30      Diversify Your Career with Peter Strauss

Episode 31      The All-Encompassing Planning Process

Episode 32      Meet Ted Dennard, Founder and CEO of Savannah Bee Company

Episode 33      2 Powerful 401(k) Tools You Probably Aren’t Using

Episode 34      Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed — Planning for the Lives You Leave Behind

Episode 35      What Does “Transferring Risk” Really Mean?

Episode 36      How to Talk to Your Parents About Money 

Episode 37      Bad Financial Habits to Break

Episode 38      Fact or Fiction? Challenging Popular Financial Beliefs

Episode 39      Our Top Recommended Financial Moves for Business Owners

Episode 40      Questions to Ask When on the Hunt for a Financial Advisor

Episode 41      Strategies for the Financial Challenges of Entrepreneurship 

Episode 42      Russell Jacobs’ Year-End To-Do List 

Episode 43      What Does the SECURE Act Mean for Americans 

Episode 44      Financial Planning for Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals 

Special Episode      COVID-19 UPDATE 

Episode 46      Did You Read the Headline? Guess What, You Already Have An Opinion 

Episode 47      Episode 47 — What is Your Money Mindset?  

Special Episode     5 Financial Actions to Take Right Now  

Episode 49      Episode 49 — Common Finance Myths, Debunked 

Episode 50      Managing Longevity Risk in the Modern Age  

Episode 51      Don’t Wait to Talk to Your Family About Your Will